Beer Tasting Notes

Beer Celia   –  Organic

Czech Gluten Free Lager 4.5% / 330ml

A clean and refreshing finish of this sandy-hued lager.   Moravian malt and single Saaz hops impart a delicate  bitterness with a hint of citrus fruits and grass giving a clean refreshing finish.

Stroud Brewery  –  Organic

Pemium Lager 4.9% / 500ml

A crisp organic lager made with Cotswold grown barley and a touch of Bavarian malt.

Tom Long Amber Bitter  3.8% / 500ml

Slightly sweetened by caramel malts and with an unimposing bitterness – but stick with it and you soon begin to appreciate its uniqueness. As the malts develop a bit more richness, you should start to notice the emergence of subtle flavours of citrus and spice provided by the addition of orange and coriander.

Bragdy Twt Lol

Tŵti  Ffrŵti  4% / 500ml

Blonde, bitter, hoppy – Tŵti  Ffrŵti is a light bitter ale brewed with hops chosen for their fruity flavour.  Prominent in the fruity taste are the Mosaic and Chinook hops, which impart a flavour similar to mango and grapefruit.

Diablo Dragons 5.5% / 500ml

Very bitter, hoppy, strong – Originally a collaboration with neighbours Hopcraft, this is our take on a New Zealand Pale Ale.  Brewed exclusively with NZ hops, we have used a fantastic combination and quantity of Waimea, Green Bullet, Southern Cross, Pacific Gem and Sticklebract in this hoppy IPA.

Crazy Peacock 4.8% / 500ml

American IPA – Pewin Ynfytyn or Crazy Peacock in English is deliberately powerful and earthy.  This hoppy American IPA takes its strong flavour from the North American Cascade and Columbus hops. It’s dry hopped in the with Pacific Gem and Cascade to complement and enhance the taste.

Glo in the Dark 4.5% / 500ml

Porter, coffee, velvety – A fresh take on a dark ale, brewed with US hops including Columbus, Centennial, Mosaic and Citra© and US style yeast.  By using de-husked dark malt this lovely dark beer feels much lighter than you’d expect with crisp fresh hoppy notes to boot!  A smooth 4.5% dark ale.

Little Red Cow 3.7% / 500ml

Red, Hoppy, Citrusy – A metamorphosized red Welsh ale. Don’t let its diminutive stature fool you, this sweet tropical ale packs a good punch.  Boldly brewed with European and American hops, the best of German bittering hops and USA citrussy freshness are brought together in this 3.7% ale!


Organic Vodka, rum, whisky, red & white wine

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